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Settled between a unique blend of sea and mountains, Montenegro does not leave anyone indifferent. Whether as a tourist destination or an investment area, this independent Mediterranean country is becoming ever more attractive among worldwide destinations. Not only is it on everyone’s lips in the media across the globe, but it has also become famous through films (Casino Royale, Papillon, The November Man) and yachting industry.


Montenegro has come a long way since it became independent fourteen years ago. In 2017, the country became a NATO member and currently, it is a candidate for future membership of the EU. Montenegro is a country with political stability where safety is guaranteed, the euro is the official currency, and the living standard is of good quality. The country is proud of its international environment, it offers sustainable investment opportunities, and it has a low tax rate of 9% - all of which makes Montenegro an ideal country for setting up a business or even settling down. 
In one day of touring the country  you can have breath-taking views over the Boka Bay in the south and the Tara River in the north.


Due to good connection between the north and the south of the country, it is a perfect place for weekend tours. Two main airports in Podgorica and Tivat connect Montenegro with the rest of the world, while buses, trains, and boats link many European capitals to this country.


Now more than ever, tourists are seeking a variety - from eco-tourism to luxury and yachting experiences – and Montenegro has it all!


A sea view can have a significant impact on your mental wellbeing. A study discovered that people who live in a place overlooking what the research calls “blue space” seem to suffer far less from psychological distress and helps to improve the mood.


It reduces sensory stimuli and promotes mental relaxation, which is similar to travelling or going on holidays. A place with a sea view is not only an ideal place for a holiday - it can be your incredible artistic residence, team-building escapade, or simply a stress-free zone.



Historical village - part of the tourist capital

Only 5 minutes away from the main tourist capital Budva, there is a little village called Becici, which is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and exclusive hotels. Twenty years ago, Becici became an attractive tourist destination, and it has remained one of the most beautiful beach areas on the entire Montenegrin coast ever since.

The superb location allows visitors to be stone’s throw from historic and unique places dotted around the coastline. Тo the right, the roads and long sandy beaches will take you to the tunnel that connects Becici with Budva.


On the way, several exclusive hotels come into view along with a narrow peninsula Zavala, distinguished by its unusual architecture. 

The entire peninsula is a luxury hotel with a famous Nikki beach that forms part of the complex. The road to Budva ultimately takes visitors to the Old Town – a place where old houses and cobbled streets keep secrets of history.


If you go in the other direction, you will come across such tourist destinations as Rafailovici, Przno, Milocer and St Stefan’s Peninsula that take your breath away, and are in close proximity to Becici.


Luxury hotels such as Maestral, Aman Resort, and Villa Geba, as well as local restaurants that serve fresh sea-food will make Becici your favourite destination, which you will keep coming back to.




An attractive design that blends all elements of its surroundings, complemented with carefully chosen architectural design and materials for the interior and exterior makes this building a great choice for buyers and investors. It is located at the strategic position so that the front side overlooks the beach, while the back is adapted to discreetly accommodate all installations and technical parts. The project itself was conceived as one large complex divided into two connected residential units - unit A and unit B.



Unit A has apartments with stunning views over the Adriatic Sea from both living room and bedroom. This is the main feature to look for when searching for a perfect coastal residency that can guarantee the return on investment. The first-floor apartments have partial sea views - the higher the apartment, the better the view.



Apartments in block B can delight owners with bright sunrises and serene shaded evenings. As the beach is just around the corner, it is on you to decide weather you will enjoy sunsets from your balcony or at the beach..

Your satisfaction is our priority

Our building is carefully designed to cater to the needs of its future residents. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we have designed every apartment in the building. We want you to enjoy the blue Adriatic Sea and the bespoke sunsets on the Montenegrin coast.

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world” 
Franklin D. Roosevelt



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