Budva is where you never run out of entertainment and fun 

There are many exciting things to do in Budva and its surrounding areas. Fascinating historical buildings, calming nature and the ever-shining Adriatic sun are ready to accommodate your every desire. Let us go through a list of some of the most magical places in Budva: 

The Island of St. Nikola 

er Saint Nikola, who was the protector of sailors. It is also referred to as Hawaii because of the blue crystal-clear water. The 3 km long island features 3 beaches, as well as many secluded coves for those who desire privacy. Furthermore, the island vegetation is lush with thick forest trees. The wild nature features interesting animal species like the mouflon, pheasants and many different birds. St. Nikola used to be connected to Budva via a sandbar. Nowadays, on rare occasions when the tide is low, courageous tourists or residents might try to cross the half-meter deep path and reach the island. The whole ordeal is extraordinary and fascinating. Additionally, boats are used as the more common and practical way to reach the island and its beach bars and fish restaurants. 

Sveti Stefan 

Prestigious, luxurious and elite – Words not uncommonly used when describing Sveti Stefan. This small islet on Budva Riviera is truly one of a kind and the symbol of Montenegrin tourism. It is connected to the mainland with a tombolo that leads to a unique red-pebble beach. The island itself is a special summer resort with many rustic houses and cottages interconnected by narrow Mediterranean streets. Furthermore, there are picturesque squares and three churches inside the fortified town. If you crave luxury and glamour, look no further as Sveti Stefan will pamper your refined taste. 

The Old Town 

This 2 500-year-old medieval town has the been the centre of life in Budva from which today’s urban city has developed. As one of the oldest settlements in the Adriatic, it has witnessed many different civilisations and cultures. Many Roman and Greek artifacts and graves were discovered and they tell ancient stories. The Old Town owes its current look to the Venetian Republic, which built its fortifications. Do not mistake the town for an ancient ruin, it is a breathing and living community. Explore the town full of cafes, bars, restaurants, museums and churches. In fact, there is no better way to learn local history and culture than to visit the Maritime Museum and the Archaeological Museum. 


The home of luxury and comfort in the fast and exclusive Budva centre. Bečići is the part of town with the most well-developed infrastructure and is adorned by many top-quality hotels and apartment complexes. Furthermore, the local beach was proclaimed the most beautiful in 1935 when it won the Grand Prix in Paris. The local hotels raise the levels of glamour to new heights as they compete for the honour of being the best. Splendid, Maestral and Mediteran are just some of the best hotels in the area. In case you fancy a fun night out, both Maestral and Splendid boast fun and engaging casinos. Splendid casino even has live music performances that might just bring you some luck. 

Fortress Mogren 

Built in 1860 by the Austro-Hungarians, the fort offers the greatest views of the western Budva Riviera. It is important to the city of Budva because of its cultural and historical significance. Mogren is mostly in ruins and has avoided renovations in order to preserve its completely authentic look and feel. Hop onto the fort and enjoy the breathtaking panorama.  

Podmaine Monastery 

Podmaine Monastery graces Budva and amazes all visitors with its rich history and beauty. It sits on a hill above Budva and consists of two churches. Their interiors are decorated with frescoes, while the outside area provides mesmerizing sights of Budva. The great Petar II Petrović Njegoš wrote his masterpiece “Mountain Wreath” in Podmaine, the book that is considered to be the most significant piece of Montenegrin literature. 

Excellent gourmet experience 

There is no shortage of fantastic restaurants in Budva, or delicious food in Montenegro. For example, Vista Vidikovac and Papillon are a few of the most notable restaurants around. Vista Vidikovac is blessed with panoramic sights of Budva Riviera, of The Old Town and The Island of St. Nikola. It takes the art of enjoying life to another level. Furthermore, the menu is packed with different delicious traditional and international recipes. Papillon, in Bečići, is a fast-food restaurant and another place with a stunning ambience under the shade of tall trees. Do you desire exquisite atmosphere, delicious food, and impeccable service? Then Demizana and Porto restaurants got you covered. Porto Restaurant combines stunning views of the Old Town and the Marina, and a delicious seafood menu. Demizana also prides itself for its fish dishes and a lovely atmosphere, a prime Mediterranean restaurant. Finally, Casa Mia in Reževići boasts some of the most beautiful views of the Budva Riviera and is highly recommended. The lovely atmosphere goes really well with the expertly-prepared, flavourful dishes. 


Not far from the city of Budva lies Petrovac, a charming fishing village. It is shaped almost like an amphitheater, with olive trees and beautiful beaches as its spectators. Castello castle is the beacon of Petrovac and its main attraction as it provides all the fun you need, from cafes, night clubs, concerts and breathtaking vistas. Another unique part of the town is “St. Nedjelja” – a very tiny church on a nearby island. 


There are endless places to visit and things to do in Budva, so if you want to fully experience Budva and its charms, you will have to take your time. If you decide to make this beauty your home, check out the following apartments.