Sunny days and plenty of ways to have fun in Budva 

Budva Riviera enjoys a sandy beach landscape, azure sea and a lot of sunshine. The city lives and breathes all year long due to a significant number of sunny days and is one of the main reasons it is so popular with tourists and local residents. Furthermore, the cultural, historical and gastronomic heritage of Montenegro takes the main stage in Budva. The small but proud Montenegro has five national parks, impressive canyons, unspoilt nature, mesmerising beaches and bays – all in the vicinity of this charismatic city. All of these reasons highlight just how great Budva is for vacationing, or even as a permanent residence. 

 An ancient and beautiful city 

Budva is one of the oldest urban centres in the Adriatic, and has been an integral settlement in the region for over 2 500 years. Ancient Greeks and Romans, Byzantines and the Nemanjić family all inhabited and ruled over Budva at some point. Although, Venice and Austria left the biggest mark when it comes to architecture. The Old Town of Budva stands as the biggest monument to the city's history and is its most beautiful lighthouse. All it takes is a stroll along the narrow town streets to fully inhale the atmosphere, feel the cool rustic stone. In fact, the Old Town is home to the Archaeological Museum, the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, the Catholic Church of Santa Maria, the Maritime Museum and the Church of St. John. 

Festivities in Budva 

Montenegrins love festivals, carnivals and fun events. Visit the city at the time of the Spring Masked Ball to join in on the fun and see what it is all about. When the carnival starts, Budva's squares and The Old Town turn into stages for concerts and DJ's, as they gather renowned performers from around the world. The City Theater event is the main cultural event in Budva and takes place inside the walls of the ancient Old Town. During the summer season, the town celebrates life and art with fine dining, top-notch entertainment and live performances. Another spectacular event, Petrovac Jazz Festival provides amazing content, a full array of fun activities. Attend the festival and its vibrant concerts, workshops, educational programs and exhibitions. 

An urban lifestyle 

Budva is the beating heart of Montenegro, with a spectacular city life. The main promenade features various clubs, bars, hotels and live street performances. The night life is particularly fun and guarantees memorable experiences. Just some of the superb clubs on the Budva Riviera are the award-winning Top Hill, Omnia, Palazzo, etc. Gourmets will love Budva, as its many restaurants, serving traditional and international food, are at every corner of the city. Give Papillon, Tri Ribara and Apetit a go, as they are prime examples of top-notch restaurants in the area. Furthermore, for the elite of the elite, visit Porto Restaurant, Dukley SeaFront Restaurant and Restaurant at Villa Geba - that sits across the stunning Sveti Stefan. The quality of the food, and the service, is first-class. Demizana Restaurant, located next to the Old Town, is another fantastic choice. Finally, why not have a date with Lady Luck? Maestral Casino and Merit Casino, in Hotel Splendid, provide a thrilling experience. The luxurious Bečići casinos are among the most famous in the Mediterranean sea. Based on your needs, they offer both a laid back environment, as well as VIP exclusivity and high-stakes games. This is where the fun begins, and never ends! 

Breathtaking coast 

Sandy Budva Riviera beaches and charming islands will leave every soul in awe. Bečići Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Budva and is located in the very centre of the city. Additionally, Kamenovo and Jaz adorn the coast and feature fun amenities and a ton of immersive activities. If you seek a hidden cove, or a more private swim, Queens Beach and Kings Beach are heavenly beaches tucked inside coves. Let us not forget the charming seafront villages – rustic fishing havens like Pržno, or modern neighbourhoods full of luxury apartments and hotels such as Bečići. Moreover, what better sight to wake up to than the azure Adriatic and the two breathtaking islands, Sveti Stefan and Sveti Nikola. Sveti Stefan is a symbol of Budva and the most elite location in the whole country. Budva Marina sits right in the middle of Budva, next to the Old Town, and is packed with luxury yachts and boats. It provides rental services, so why not rent a boat and go on a maritime adventure? If you want to do something fun with your kids, enter the aquatic paradise that is Aqua Park in Budva. It rests on a hill above Budva and overlooks the sea. The sprawling complex will no doubt keep your children entertained, so just sit, relax under the Mediterranean sun and enjoy a refreshing cocktail. Aqua Park in Hotel Mediteran covers about 7 500 m2 and is another great choice as it is located in Bečići, surrounded by palm trees and luxurious amenities. 


Rich history, luxurious lifestyle, delicious food and a curator of Montenegrin culture – Budva Riviera features it all. It truly is a wonderful spot for a vacation, or perhaps, for a more permanent home.