The Beaches of Budva are one of the main reasons this city is a colossus of tourism 

Budva Beaches are synonymous with fun and luxurious summer vacations in Montenegro. The stunning landscape boasts long sandy beaches, hidden coves and pebbly paradises. This blog will help you find your way around the spectacular beaches that adorn Budva and its coastline.  

Slovenska Beach 

Slovenska beach is in the heart of Budva and is 1.6 km long. The white pebble beach offers plenty of amenities and has well-developed facilities, mostly part of the Slovenska Plaza Hotel. There is a nice selection of bars and restaurants that also have fun nightlife programs. Furthermore, it is surrounded by lush vegetation and is right next to the iconic Old Town. A true tropical paradise with magnificent views of the Adriatic Sea. 


Buljarica Beach is 2.2 km long and is the longest beach in Budva. It is covered by both smooth sand and pebbles. Additionally, there is an auto-camp nearby that makes it a practical and fun stop. While Buljarica is a popular location because of a wide range of water activities, it is best known for being the home of the Sea Dance Festival. Every summer, the festival hosts music stars from all over the world and is the biggest summer festival in the region. 

Kamenovo Beach 

Kamenovo provides a fun and active summer experience. Beach guests get to enjoy refreshing cocktails and tasty dishes, both amazing products of the Kamenovo Bar & Restaurant. Great atmosphere, crystal-clear Adriatic Sea and vibrant music ensure that your stay in this oasis of fun and relaxation will be one to remember. In addition, Kamenovo features water sports, jet skis and many other beach activities such as water polo, table tennis, beach volleyball, paddle boarding, etc. Kamenovo has paid private parking, as well as a free public parking spaces. Enjoy your summer like never before, with hospitable staff and luxurious amenities. 

Mogren Beach 

Mogren Beach is actually two smaller beaches connected by a rocky tunnel. It is a tranquil and secluded getaway, even though it is only a few minutes away from the urban parts of Budva. It features useful facilities such as a restaurant, a snack bar and sun loungers. Mogren’s unique look comes from tall rocky cliffs that hug it and protect it from the outside noise. According to the legend, it got its name after a Spanish sailor whose ship sank near its shores. The Blue Flag beach is well-maintained and has clear blue water. 

Sveti Stefan Beach 

Sveti Stefan Beach rests next to the elite Sveti Stefan isle. Its signature is the unique pink pebble. The beach is open to the public, features picturesque vistas and has all the required beach facilities. Just some of the fun things to do are scuba diving, snorkeling, diving, surfing and parasailing. The nearby Sveti Stefan shines bright on the beach where a fun time is always guaranteed. See why Sveti Stefan and its surrounding are symbolic for Montenegro. 


Jaz captures the hearts of all who visit this amazing beach. It is located a few kilometres west of Budva and is one of the longest beaches on the Montenegrin coast. It features an auto-camp, unspoiled nature, apartment complexes, and it has a huge area often reserved for live concerts. Jaz is tucked in perfectly with breathtaking views of the open sea. Once you experience this marvel, you will hardly be able to resist it in the future. 

Drobni Pijesak 

Drobni Pijesak is a hidden beauty, about 12 km away from Petrovac. The emerald waters of this smooth-sand beach are tucked inside a tiny bay. Furthermore, it features two restaurants and all the necessary beach equipment. The beach is so spellbinding that it made The Guardian's top 40 list of the best beaches in the world for the year 2022. 

Dukley Beach 

Dukley Beach & Bar is one of the most luxurious beaches in the region that combines comfort and premium dining. Fine sand, champagne & cocktail bar, delicious food and comfortable sunbeds welcome guests of this world-class oasis. The footprints you leave in the sand will disappear, but the pleasant impression Dukley Beach leaves on you will last forever. 

Perazića Do 

Right below the great Reževići Monastery, lies a tranquil heaven. Perazića Do is a well hidden, tiny beach, that is the main reason so many luxurious rentals were developed in the area. It is ideal when you want to unwind completely, privately, and surrounded by charming nature.  

Trsteno Beach 

In the more secluded part of Budva, Krimovica, hides a true gem. Trsteno is a tiny bay and is protected from the winds by cliffs on both sides. The list of amenities is long and includes a restaurant, cafes, parking spaces and beach mobiliar. Furthermore, the water is very clear, clean and shallow up to 50m. This beach is ideal for children and for a fun family holiday. 

Bečići Beach 

Bečići is regularly awarded the Blue Flag and was recognised in 1935 as the most beautiful beach in Europe. The tourist village of the same name is the most luxurious part of Budva, with sprawling hotel and apartment complexes. All 2 kilometres of the beach are covered in smooth sand and blessed with calm and clear waters. Furthermore, it has many facilities and activities, some only available for guests of the respective hotels. Unwind under the Mediterranean sun and enjoy beach volleyball and football, carousels, water parks and rental water vehicles; go surfing, water-skiing, snorkeling and parasailing. 

Queen's Beach 

Deep inside a cosy bay, surrounded by rocks and nature, Queen's Beach (Kraljičina Plaža) shines bright like a diamond. As the name suggests, it used to be reserved for Montenegrin royalty and her queen. The small size and tranquil surrounding will make you feel as if you were on your own private island. The beach includes facilities such as changing rooms, showers and toilets, and is only accessible by boat. The stay is free for guests of the Kraljičina Plaža Hotel, otherwise there is an entrance fee. 


Ploče is a unique beach complex that welcomes the Adriatic sea with open arms. Picturesque rocks and attractive concrete terraces decorate the major part of the beach. The beach is completely out of the way, serene with many luxurious amenities. Just to name a few: four pools, changing rooms, showers, a quality beach club and a restaurant that serves both domestic and international recipes. Ploče is an amazing choice for a family or a large group of friends as the fun never seems to stop there. 


If you decide to visit Budva, explore its beauties and have a fun summer vacation, an incredibly tough choice is in front of you. Luckily, since all the Budva Beaches are spectacular, there is no wrong choice.